our Kiosks for Digital Signage has a wide range of uses that you can encounter in your daily and business life. Digital Signage products are designed and manufactured according to all digital information requirements according to your needs in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and other areas.

You can contact us to have Digital Signage products that best suit your needs with customizable options.

Experience Digital Signage Difference

Digital Signage products that can be equipped with digital signage screens are used for information, advertising, and interactive applications in many areas such as cafe, restaurant, shopping center, airport, railway stations, bus stops, sports halls, meeting rooms, exhibition halls.

Touch screen options will be appropriate for your interactive content, the products also can be customized with hardware such as barcode (QR code) reader, thermal printer, POS devices. In your special projects, you can also change the colors, sizes, and specifications of the products, as well as design a brand new Digital Signage option for you. Please contact our sales team for special Digital Signage projects.

Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Product Types

Digital Signage Solutions are presented as indoor and outdoor products. The most important feature that distinguishes outdoor Digital Signage products from indoor products is that they have an IP protection class. In the Outdoor product range with IP56 and IP65 protection rating as well as F9 and FX series, M5, M5B, M5C, and M5D models are available. In the indoor products, Z Series single-sided totem, Kiosk and monitor, X Series double-sided totem, ZX series Single-Sided totem, B Series single-sided totem without glass, M1 small-size monitors, and hand sanitizer dispenser Kiosk are available.

If you want to reach the most preferred Digital Signage products by institutions and organizations in a guaranteed and fast way, we invite you to meet technology.